How Do We Do This For Free?

Nov 19, 2020 | News | 0 comments

“It sounds too good to be true.”

“Nothing is free in this world.”

“What’s the catch?”

These are just some of the comments we hear from people when we explain our business model. These are fair comments to make unless you understand just how our business model works.

So please read on and allow us to explain …

How we can afford to sell properties for free yet still make money…

The first thing to understand is that we are not a traditional estate agent who would market a property for sale and charge a fixed percentage commission on successful sale. Typically, this ranges from 1-3% dependent on location and value.

We do not operate this way; we do not charge a fixed percentage commission.

Instead think of us as a property broker, a middleman who matches up a willing seller to a willing buyer. Kind of like a match maker. 

In this case our match making is made between a motivated seller and an active investor.

We agree from the outset a net figure with the seller that they would be happy to walk away with upon completion of the property sale. We encourage this figure to be positioned realistically to ensure a sale in less than 30 days. The more unrealistic the price then the less chance of one of our pre-approved buyers wanting the property, so the key here is to be sensible with price.

Once we have agreed a net sum with the seller, we would then actively market the property to our network of buyers. Once we find a buyer, any amount we negotiate above the agreed sum is our profit margin. Best yet, we even pay the sellers legal fees from the excess sum, meaning that the vendor has no expenses at all.

One of the major benefits to dealing with us is that the seller knows from day 1 what they are expecting. We set out clearly from the start the sum they receive and the timescale in which they will receive it. It is totally transparent and allows all parties to be on the same page from the get-go.

We would never ask a seller to sign an agreement with us for more than 30 days because we are that confident that we will find a buyer within that period.

Remember, we don’t earn a penny unless we sell the property, we invest time and money into each property we take on and on that basis we are selective as to what we take on and at what price we list it for. We are not here to pay customers lip service or to list houses to make up numbers, we exist solely to get deals sold and completed. Our way of working is not for everyone, and that is fine, we understand. But if you are a seller and are serious about selling your property in 30 days, at no cost, using a dynamic, proactive, and hungry company who pride ourselves on results then feel free to have a conversation with us.

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