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No Commission

An easy way to sell your house for free

No Commission

An easy way to sell your house for free

We are not a traditional estate agent. We don’t market a property and charge a fixed percentage commission on a successful sale. We don’t believe in charging between 1% and 3% in commission like a high street agent, especially when you have to factor in legal costs too.

Instead, we work as a match maker. We market your property to our network of pre-approved cash buyers. We will agree the value of your property with you and it will be the exact sum you walk away with upon completion of the property sale. What we do encourage is that it is a realistic value so that we can sell your house fast, within 30 days.

As well as not parting with a penny when you sell with us, we cover your legal fees too. No hidden fees. No costs. Whether you sell to one of our cash buyers or we buy your property directly from you, it won’t cost you anything.

The better way

How to sell your house for free

Step 1
Fill in our simple online form or call us on 0330 0040050 and tell us you want to sell.
Step 2
Talk about your property with one of our expert negotiators and discuss the requirements of your sale.
Step 3
We will carry out research about your property and provide you with a realistic value we think will secure you a sale with one of our pre-approved cash house buyers within 30 days.
Step 4
Within 24 hours we will have created a bespoke property brochure and your property will be listed on all major property portals, our website, and our social channels.
Step 5
You will have a dedicated Bettermove agent who will manage your sale for you, keeping you in the loop at all times, and helping with the process.
Step 6
Once a sale has been agreed our sales team will complete as quickly as possible, liaising between both sets of solicitors until the money is in your account and the sale is complete.
How much is your home worth?

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What’s Included

Understanding sell house for free

What’s Included

Understanding sell house for free

We know that selling your property for free sounds too good to be true. This is because paying commission and fees to a traditional estate agent has been the norm for so long. However, we have developed a new way of selling that is better for you.

One of the major benefits of working with us is that we will set expectations from day one. We will help you come to a price you’re happy with, as well as a clear timeline and any requirements you have. Everything will be factored in, and you will know the exact plan. Our process is totally transparent and allows all parties to be on the same page from the get-go.

The process doesn’t cut corners to facilitate a fast and free sale. We simply mitigate the hurdles of a traditional sale by marketing your property to our network of pre-approved cash buyers and investors. These individuals are actively looking to purchase a property, meaning you won’t need any more than 30 days to achieve a sale.

Save money

How much could I save with Bettermove?

Save money

How much could I save with Bettermove?

If you choose to sell with us, we will agree a value with you on day one. This figure will not change and will be the amount you walk away with on completion of your property sale. We encourage this figure to be realistic. After all, you want to sell in less than 30 days.

Whilst you may be offered a higher initial marketing price from a traditional estate agent, be wary that you could receive a lower offer and there will be estate agent fees and legal costs to pay on top. Furthermore, you will still be paying the obligatory outgoings on the property you’re trying to sell. This could be months if your property struggles to sell.

With us your property will be sold within 30 days for the initial marketing price. You won’t pay any agent or legal fees. You will walk away with the exact initial value we give you. This saves you from spending thousands in fees and hidden costs associated with a traditional sale.

Make your move better

How we compare

The old way
Estate Agent visits your home
You enquire with several different Estate Agents and wait days or weeks for them to show. The agent is more focused on winning your business from a competitor agent than what your actual needs are.
The property takes ages to be listed
Let’s face it, nobody wants to sit around waiting for weeks for your property to be listed. This does not need to be a slow, drawn out process.
Sit around waiting for enquiries
Traditional Estate Agents may wait around for buyers to make contact or pop into the branch. Your sale depends on any potential buyers getting in touch.
Reduce the asking price
Generally speaking, reducing the asking price is the first thing you are told if the property is not getting any interest. This is a lazy way of doing things, and is another way of saying ‘we were wrong about the value’.
The better way
Proactive approach
We discuss with you your requirements for price and timescales and set out a pricing strategy that meets those requirements. This is done within minutes of you contacting us.
24 hours later
In less than 24 hours we will either make you a formal cash offer or agree a fixed sum that we will offer it to our panel of cash investors for. The speed of which you need completion will determine the best approach.
Huge buyer network
If you don’t accept our cash offer then our team will proactively match your property against our extensive database of cash buyers, professional investors and pre-approved buyers to find a matching buyer within the quickest timescale.
We set your price right from day 1
We don’t want to give you an unachievable price. We would rather be open and honest from the start and set a realistic price to get your property sold without delay. That’s why we are an awarding winning agency.
We’re ready

Can Bettermove sell my house for free?

We’re ready

Can Bettermove sell my house for free?

We know that selling property is expensive when you use a traditional method. High commission, legal fees, and additional costs can all make a serious dent to your finances when you come to sell.

We are not here to pay customers lip service or to list houses to make up numbers, we exist solely to get deals sold and completed. We will sell your house for free regardless of its location, size, or condition. Our network of pre-approved cash buyers are ready and waiting to purchase your property from you, meaning you won’t have the common challenges of a traditional sale to deal with either.

Our way of selling is unique but if you need a fast and free property sale, get in touch today. If you have a property that you are serious about selling we ask for a maximum of 30 days at no cost. Our agents are dynamic and proactive, ready to sell your property in a timeframe that suits you. Contact us to start the process today.

Why choose us?

We do things differently

Discover the advantages of selling your property with Bettermove.
We know that the traditional market is too slow for some property owners. We can sell your house fast, in 30 days or less. We are completely flexible to your needs, buying your property directly from you ourselves when an expedited service is required.
We take the hassle out of selling a property. The ability to sell your house online means you avoid the hurdles of a traditional sale which can often elongate the sale. No chain breaks. No gazumping. No mortgage refusals. A stress-free tale on your terms.
We are regulated by The Property Ombudsman and are also members of the NAPB (National Association of Property) meaning you’re in expert hands. Your dedicated agent will keep you informed as the sale progresses and will be available to answer any questions.
Zero fees
Selling your property with Bettermove is completely free. We don’t take any commission and there are no hidden costs. Whether we complete a sale with one of our pre-approved buyers or purchase your property ourselves we’ll cover your legal fees too.
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Sell house for free FAQs

Have a query you’d like answered? Check out our frequently asked questions below for more information. Alternatively, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us and one of our experts will be able to help you further.
Are there any hidden fees or charges?
No, there are no hidden fees or charges associated with our free property sale service. We are committed to transparency, and you won’t be surprised by unexpected costs during the process.
Our goal is to sell your property as quickly as possible while ensuring a smooth process. We will only ever ask for a maximum of 30 days. Your property will either sell to one of our pre-approved cash buyers or we will buy the property from your ourselves.
Our free property sale service is a comprehensive solution for homeowners looking to sell their properties without incurring any upfront costs. It is designed to make the selling process smoother, faster, and more cost-effective. Sell your house for free with us today.
Our free property sale service is suitable for a wide range of property types, including houses, apartments, flats, and more. We can assist with both residential and buy-to-let properties.
Yes, you will have control over setting the selling price of your property. We will provide you with a realistic property valuation based on market conditions, your property’s unique features, and the speed at which you would like to sell. We will never proceed until you’re 100% happy with the value.
Once your property is sold, Bettermove will manage the legal and administrative aspects of the sale, ensuring a smooth completion process. Upon completion the money will be transferred to the bank account of your choosing.
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