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Why choose Bettermove?

Here at Bettermove we do things differently to a traditional Estate Agent. Most people value 3 things when selling their property; speed, value, and convenience. If you want to sell your property quickly with no fees whatsoever and absolutely no stress or hassle, then you have come to the right place.  

We are so confident we can sell your home within 30 days, that we will never ask you to enter into an agreement longer than a month. 

We have a proactive approach to selling homes; within 24 hours of your instruction we will match the property against our extensive network of investor buyers, we will contact each one to generate interest. We will also put the property on the major portals such as Rightmove to gain additional exposure. Once a buyer is found, we will manage the entire sales process from start to finish for you, until completion takes place and the money is in your bank.

The better way

How it works

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One of our expert negotiators will establish your needs and learn about the property in more detail.

Establish your price

We will carry out our research to establish a price we believe is achievable to sell to our network of pre-approved buyers within 30 days

Go Live

We will have your property brochure ready to show our buyers within 24 hours of instruction, furthermore we will put the property on our own website as well as property portals such as Rightmove and further exposure across social media channels.

Fully Managed

We will manage the entire process for you from start to finish, one of our dedicated agents will arrange viewings, negotiate offers and manage the sales process for you.


Once a sale has been agreed our sales progression team will manage the sale to a satisfactory completion as quickly as possible, coordinating between both sets of solicitors until the money is in your bank and the sale has been formally finalised.

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What does it mean for me?

Compare the costs

The old way

Initial marketing price £199,950
Price after reduction £189,950
True market value £180,000
Sale price £175,000
Estate Agents fees (2%) £3,300
Legal fees £1,400
Length on market 6 months

Your sale proceeds


The better way

Initial marketing price £175,000
Sale price £175,000
Estate Agents fees £0
Legal fees £0
Length on market 30 days

Your sale proceeds


Additional money made using Bettermove = £4,700
Time saved using Bettermove = 5 months

Nobody works for free...

How do we do it?

We are not a traditional estate agent who would charge a fixed percentage commission. Instead think of us as a property broker - a middleman who matches up a willing seller to a willing buyer, like a match maker.

We agree a figure at the beginning that you would be happy to walk away with. We encourage this figure to be positioned realistically to ensure a sale in 30 days or less. Once we find a buyer, any amount we negotiate above the agreed sum is our profit margin. We even pay your legal fees from the excess sum, meaning that the vendor has no expenses at all.

It is a totally transparent process and allows all parties to be on the same page from the get-go. If you want to learn more about how our model works, we’ve written a blog post about it.

Got questions?

Read our FAQs

How much do you charge?

We do not charge any fees, and no commission, we even take care of the legal fees for you. We make our money in the event we achieve a price more than the sum we have agreed with you at the start. Therefore, we are motivated to sell the property for you.

What if it does not sell within 30 days?

We carry out extensive due diligence to position your property at a price that will appeal to our investor network, so we only take on properties that we are comfortable in selling. Therefore, it is unlikely that we do not sell within 30 days, but if we don’t then you are free to walk away. However, you can also extend for a further 30 days if you desire.

Does my property go on Rightmove?

Yes, as well as proactively marketing your property to our extensive buyer network we will also put your property on Rightmove as well as our own website and other property portals, this is to give your property as much exposure as possible, but also to give the property the credibility it deserves as a lot of buyers and investors prefer to see the property listed on a major portal such as Rightmove

Will you put up a for sale board?

No, we believe in the modern age of the internet For Sale Boards are old hat and serve very little purpose, we would prefer to use a more modern and pro active approach, while also helping the environment.

Can I use another agent as well?

No, we insist on sole marketing, therefore if you are on with another agent you would need to hand in the relevant notice before we are able to begin selling your home.

How long does it take to sell?

We usually get an offer within the first few weeks, we only accept offers from buyers who can move quickly, therefore once the sale is agreed we can progress to completion as quickly as possible.

How can I be sure the sale won't fall through?

We ensure that all our buyers are vetted before we proceed, this means full due diligence is carried out first. If a sale is agreed, we will ensure the buyer pays a non refundable reservation fee as sign of commitment.

Are you a member of The Property Ombudsman?

Yes we are. We are approved members of the main residential property redress scheme TPOS (the Property Ombudsman Scheme) further details are here.

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