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The easy way to sell a tenanted property

cash offers

The easy way to sell a tenanted property

At Bettermove, we understand that time is of the essence. That’s why we offer a unique approach to selling your tenanted property. We work on your timeline, ensuring a swift and efficient sale that suits your schedule. No more waiting for months on end – with Bettermove, your property can be sold promptly.

We have simplified the entire process of selling a tenanted property by offering a fully managed service. Your dedicated agents will handle everything beyond viewings through email or telephone communication. No need for constant meetings or unnecessary communication – we prioritise your convenience.

We understand the intricacies of selling a property with tenants. But thanks to our network of pre-approved investors and cash buyers, we can guarantee a stress-free sale for you and your tenants. Your property journey starts here with Bettermove.

The better way

How to sell a property with tenants

Step 1
Fill in our simple online form or call us on 0330 0040050 and tell us you want to sell.
Step 2
Discuss your requirements with one of our expert negotiators and provide them with details about your property and tenants.
Step 3
We will research your property and provide you with a realistic price that we think will be successful with our pre-approved buyers within 30 days.
Step 4
Within 24 hours, your property will be listed on our website and major property portals, your property brochure will be distributed to our pre-approved cash buyers, and we will utilise our social media channels for further exposure.
Step 5
You will have a dedicated agent who manages the entire sales process of your property for you, keeping you in the loop at all times and helping arrange viewings and negotiate offers.
Step 6
Once a sale has been agreed, our sales progression team will complete as quickly as possible, liaising between both sets of solicitors until the money is in your account and the sale is complete.
How much is your tenanted property worth?

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Can I legally sell a tenanted property?


Can I legally sell a tenanted property?

Selling a tenanted property is indeed legal, and at Bettermove, we specialise in facilitating smooth transactions for landlords looking to divest their tenanted assets. When selling a property with tenants in place, it’s essential to navigate the process carefully to ensure compliance with relevant laws and regulations. Our expert team is well-versed in handling such transactions, offering guidance and expertise every step of the way.

By choosing Bettermove, you can confidently sell your tenanted property without the hassle. We understand the intricacies of dealing with existing tenancy agreements and will work diligently to make the transition seamless for both you and your tenants. Rest assured that our comprehensive services encompass all legal aspects, allowing you to navigate the sale confidently and ethically.

Discover the convenience of selling a property with tenants through Bettermove – where legality meets efficiency, and your peace of mind is our priority.

Get on the market

Your choices for selling property with tenants

Get on the market

Your choices for selling property with tenants

With a commitment to convenience, we provide two tailored routes to facilitate the sale of your tenanted property, accommodating the needs of you and your tenants in situ. If a fast house sale is your priority, we have the capability to purchase your house directly using our own cash funds. As a reputable cash house buyer, we assure you a sale, irrespective of your property’s location, size, or condition. We’ve successfully closed deals in as little as 7 days, delivering on our promise of speed.

Alternatively, for those who prefer a bit more time, we offer a 30-day process. Once you’ve submitted our online form or reached out to us via telephone, the Bettermove team springs into action. We’ll promptly provide you with a fixed property value for your approval. Upon acceptance, we’ll craft a comprehensive property brochure and showcase your property to our network of pre-approved cash investors, many who are seeking tenanted properties.

Simultaneously, your property will be featured on all major property portals and our social media platforms, ensuring optimal visibility. Our proactive approach involves actively seeking a buyer while keeping you informed at every step of the process. Trust Bettermove to streamline your property sale journey with transparency and efficiency.

Make your move better

How we compare

The old way
Estate Agent visits your home
You enquire with several different Estate Agents and wait days or weeks for them to show. The agent is more focused on winning your business from a competitor agent than what your actual needs are.
The property takes ages to be listed
Let’s face it, nobody wants to sit around waiting for weeks for your property to be listed. This does not need to be a slow, drawn out process.
Sit around waiting for enquiries
Traditional Estate Agents may wait around for buyers to make contact or pop into the branch. Your sale depends on any potential buyers getting in touch.
Reduce the asking price
Generally speaking, reducing the asking price is the first thing you are told if the property is not getting any interest. This is a lazy way of doing things, and is another way of saying ‘we were wrong about the value’.
The better way
Proactive approach
We discuss with you your requirements for price and timescales and set out a pricing strategy that meets those requirements. This is done within minutes of you contacting us.
24 hours later
In less than 24 hours we will either make you a formal cash offer or agree a fixed sum that we will offer it to our panel of cash investors for. The speed of which you need completion will determine the best approach.
Huge buyer network
If you don’t accept our cash offer then our team will proactively match your property against our extensive database of cash buyers, professional investors and pre-approved buyers to find a matching buyer within the quickest timescale.
We set your price right from day 1
We don’t want to give you an unachievable price. We would rather be open and honest from the start and set a realistic price to get your property sold without delay. That’s why we are an awarding winning agency.
We’re ready

Sell a tenanted property today

We’re ready

Sell a tenanted property today

No matter your situation, Bettermove has the perfect solution for you and your tenants. Our track record of conducting free, rapid, and transparent property sales spans years, and our accolades speak to our success. As proud members of the National Association of Property Buyers and registered with The Property Ombudsman, we prioritise your wishes for your property sale.

Flexibility is at the core of our approach, recognising that every sale is unique. We have dedicated agents in the Bettermove team, experts in buy-to-let sales, ready to guide you in making well-informed decisions throughout your selling journey.

Whether you opt for a direct cash sale or prefer us to showcase your property to our extensive network of buyers, we stand by you at every stage. Utilise our online form, and we’ll promptly gather the necessary information to present you with a no-obligation cash offer. Say goodbye to the stress associated with selling a tenanted property – choose Bettermove for a seamless and hassle-free experience.

Why choose us?

We do things differently

Discover the advantages of a convenient house sale with Bettermove.
If you want to sell your property fast, a cash buyer like Bettermove is a great solution. We can complete on the sale of your property within 30 days, expediting the process in as little as 7 if required. We are completely flexible to your needs.
Selling your property shouldn’t be stressful. Our process means you avoid the challenges of a traditional sale, such as chain breaks or a buyer not securing a mortgage. Ourselves, or one of our pre-approved cash buyers, will buy your home directly from you.
If you’ve only ever bought and sold property via a traditional estate agent our process may seem daunting. You’re in safe hands, we are regulated by The Property Ombudsman and are also proud members of the NAPB (National Association of Property Buyers).
Zero fees
Selling your property with us is completely free. There are no hidden costs, and we don’t take any commission from your sale. Whether we buy your home ourselves, or one of our pre-approved cash buyers snaps it up, we’ll pay your legal fees too.
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Got questions?

Selling a tenanted property FAQs

Below are some of our common FAQs to help you understand what we do better. Don’t forget, our team is always available to help should you have any more questions.
Can I sell my property with tenants in situ?
Absolutely, you can. Bettermove specialises in helping landlords sell tenanted properties. We understand the unique considerations involved and can guide you through the process seamlessly.
The existing tenancy agreement remains valid even after the sale. The new owner assumes the role of the landlord, and the tenants’ rights and obligations remain unchanged.
No, you do not need your tenants’ permission to sell. However, keeping open communication with your tenants and informing them of the sale can contribute to a smoother process.
Yes, you can. Bettermove offers a fast and efficient selling process. Whether you prefer a direct cash sale or marketing to our network of buyers, we can tailor the sale to meet your timeline. We can also help landlords with selling a property portfolio too.
Not extensively. Beyond necessary communications, Bettermove manages the process with minimal disruption to your tenants. We prioritise a fully managed service to relieve you and your tenants of unnecessary interactions.
Simply fill out our online form, and we’ll get in touch to collect the necessary information. From there, we’ll provide you with a tailored solution and a no-obligation cash offer. Sell your tenanted property stress-free with Bettermove.
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