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How to Sell a Bungalow Quickly

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Bungalows are like Marmite, some people love them, others hate them. What we do know to be true is that they’re unique and extremely popular with the older generation and first-time buyers.

The latest data states there are around 1.8 million bungalows in England, which accounts for around 8% of the nation’s dwelling stock. With new build developers often neglecting bungalows as a property type for new estates, it means the number of bungalows available is unlikely to change. Add to this the number of bungalow owners extending their properties upwards and it could be said that the number of bungalows is actually depleting.

While bungalows can present distinctive challenges when selling, it's important to remember that success is achievable. This guide will equip you with the knowledge and steps you need to navigate the process effectively.

What is a bungalow?

Most bungalows were built in the 20th century. The reason you don’t see many new build bungalows today is due to the tightening of land restrictions and availability in the UK – they’re known for sitting on larger plots of land.

Bungalows are single story dwellings making them convenient to navigate and potentially ideal for those with mobility limitations. Their compact size offers a comfortable living space that's easy to manage. Unlike some house styles, bungalows boast a low-pitched roof for a distinctive look. While most bungalows are entirely single-story, some might have a surprising bonus – a half-story tucked cleverly into the roof space for additional room.

Do bungalows sell quickly?

The speed of a bungalow sale depends on various factors, but they generally have pros and cons that can influence marketability.

Why would a bungalow be attractive to a buyer?

One-level living: Bungalows are ideal for those seeking mobility-friendly homes or those who simply prefer a single-story layout. This can attract retirees, downsizers, and young families.

Lower maintenance: With no stairs to climb and potentially less square footage, bungalows often require less upkeep compared to multi-story houses.

Potentially lower cost: Bungalows may be more affordable due to their size and simpler construction.

What could put a buyer off owning a bungalow?

Limited space: Bungalows, by nature, offer less living space than some multi-story houses. This might deter families or those who need dedicated work-from-home areas.

Fewer customisation options: The single-story layout limits opportunities for dramatic renovations or adding an extension as this would eat into the outside space available.

Less outdoor space: Because bungalows tend to have a larger footprint on a plot, there might be less remaining outdoor space compared to a two-story house with a smaller footprint.

Selling a bungalow isn't inherently difficult, but like any property, success isn't guaranteed. Finding the perfect buyer who desires the exact features of your bungalow can lead to a quick sale. However, during a slowdown in the housing market, you might encounter some additional challenges.

What could impact the value of a bungalow?

If you’re considering selling your bungalow you should consider the following as it could affect the level of interest and speed of the sale:

  • The condition of the property
  • The state of the market in your area
  • The price other bungalows local to you have sold for
  • The expertise of the agent you choose

How to make your bungalow sell quickly

Whether your bungalow is on the market but isn’t receiving any viewings, or if you’re just considering a sale at this point, there are different ways to improve your chances of selling.

You could:

Improve your bungalowPotential for more interestExpensive and time consuming
Price to sellHigher chance of sellingMay not be your desired value
Choose a specialist property buying companyFast, guaranteed saleYou will receive below market value

What to do if your bungalow won’t sell

No matter the actions you take sometimes the market for bungalows won’t be in your favour. It can be exhausting, especially if you have your eye on another property to buy.

Traditional estate agents can sometimes be overzealous with marketing prices for bungalows. Why they are attractive, it should be remembered that there is often a smaller pool of potential buyers for bungalows due to their unique properties. If you’re currently trying to sell via an estate agent you could discuss reviewing the price and reducing if their research suggests to do so. Furthermore, if there’s a minimum value you’d be happy with the achieve a sale, you could adjust your advert to include O/O (offers over) or OIEO (offers in excess of).

If you’re liaising with an estate agent, you may want to evaluate their performance so far. Have you had any viewings? Is the property listing and photos showcase your bungalow? If the answer is no, you may want to terminate your agreement with them and seek an alternative solution.

If there is no issue with the asking price or your estate agent there are other options to consider.

  • Don’t sell your bungalow and rent it out instead
  • Apply for a bridging loan to buy your next property whilst you secure a sale on your bungalow
  • Sell all or part of your bungalow to the bank
  • Sell your bungalow to a specialist property company for cash

How can I sell my bungalow for cash?

This option is great for proactive sellers who want a fast, secure sale without the stress of the open market. Property buying companies which offer cash payments to sellers are becoming extremely popular. Whilst you can expect to receive 20% to 25% less than the market value of your bungalow, the security of a single transaction between you and the company is welcome, particularly if you’ve struggled selling your bungalow. Many property buying companies also cover your legal fees, mitigating a huge expense for you.

At Bettermove we have the cash available to buy your property from you ourselves, or the team can match your property against our extensive database of pre-approved cash buyers. We take the uncertainty out of selling your bungalow, offering you a route to sale that is quick, convenient, and transparent. Even better, as mentioned, we don’t charge any fees and there are no hidden costs.

If you want to sell your bungalow quickly talk to Bettermove today.

Common bungalow FAQs

We know that buying or selling bungalows can raise a host of other questions. Below we’ve answered some of your top queries.

Do bungalows hold their value?

Bungalows are good at holding their value. With fewer being built but consistent demand, especially from retirees and families, they benefit from a supply-and-demand advantage. Their single-story layout is attractive for easy living and often comes with larger gardens. Some bungalows even offer the potential to add extensions, further increasing value. However, the market for bungalows caters more to a specific buyer pool, so selling might take slightly longer compared to other properties.

Why buy a bungalow?

Bungalows offer easy living on one level, ideal for young families, those with mobility limitations, or anyone who wants a low-maintenance home with good potential for extra space and privacy.

Why are some bungalows for sale only available to older people?

Some bungalows come with age restrictions because they cater to the specific needs and preferences of older adults. The single-story layout offers a significant advantage in terms of accessibility, eliminating stairs that can become a safety hazard. This allows older people to maintain their independence and navigate their home with ease. Additionally, age-restricted communities built around bungalows often foster a sense of belonging and shared experiences for retirees seeking social interaction with their peers.

It's important to remember though, that not all bungalows are age-restricted, and the trend might shift towards more universally available options in the future as younger generations appreciate the benefits of single-story living.

Why are bungalows so expensive?

The price tag on bungalows can be steeper compared to traditional houses for a few reasons. One factor is simple supply and demand. Bungalows are less commonly built than multi-story houses, making them a scarcer commodity. This scarcity is particularly felt by specific demographics like retirees or those with mobility issues, who highly value the accessibility of a single-level home. Furthermore, bungalows often sit on larger plots of land compared to houses. This extra space can be attractive for those who desire a bigger garden or the potential for future extensions. The land itself also contributes to the cost. While you might be getting less total square footage compared to a house with multiple floors, bungalows often have larger rooms on the single level to compensate for the missing space. Ultimately, the combination of limited supply, preference from specific buyer groups, and the potential for spacious living on a sizeable plot can drive up the cost of some bungalows.