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Unsellable House

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Cash for properties

An easy way to sell an unsellable house

Cash for properties

An easy way to sell an unsellable house

Are you struggling to sell a property that has been deemed unsellable? From structural problems to tenant issues, there are countless reasons why both residential and buy-to-let properties are struggling to sell.

With Bettermove you can get a cash offer for your unsellable house regardless of its location, size, type, and condition. We have helped residential homeowners, landlords, and investors sell properties considered unsellable by buying them with our own cash funds or securing a seller from our network of pre-approved cash house buyers. We can guarantee you a sale regardless of your property’s historical or current issues.

The better way

How to sell an unsellable house

Step 1
Call, WhatsApp, email us or fill in the simple form
Step 2
Our expert consultant will establish your needs and learn about the property
Step 3
We will make you an offer to buy your property for cash or sell it to our network of pre approved buyers
Step 4
We work to your timescales, meaning a quick and stress free sale
Step 5
Completion and cash in the bank
How much is your unsellable house worth?

Get a No Obligation Cash Offer Today

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What is an unsellable house?


What is an unsellable house?

If you have a property that faces significant obstacles that have made it difficult to attract potential buyers and close a sale it is considered unsellable. These challenges can vary widely, ranging from physical issues like extensive damage or poor condition to external factors such as undesirable location or legal complications. Additionally, homes with unique or unusual characteristics that limit their market appeal may also fall into this category.

However, just because your property is struggling to generate interest from buyers and a sale hasn’t been achieved via a traditional estate agent doesn’t mean you’re out of options.


Why would somebody buy my unsellable house?


Why would somebody buy my unsellable house?

Bettermove and our network of pre-approved cash buyers are interested in purchasing unsellable properties because of their investment potential. Properties just like yours, though challenging to sell conventionally, offer unique opportunities for investors.

Our network of cash buyers can leverage their expertise in property investment and renovation to identify and address the issues hindering the sale of a property. Through strategic renovations and upgrades, they can transform unsellable properties into attractive homes that appeal to a wider market.

Unsellable properties are often priced below market value due to their condition or perceived shortcomings. By purchasing an unsellable property there is room for profit whilst also mitigating the associated risks. This enables you to achieve the sale you want in a timeframe that suits you.

Make your move better

How we compare

The old way
Estate Agent visits your home
You enquire with several different Estate Agents and wait days or weeks for them to show. The agent is more focused on winning your business from a competitor agent than what your actual needs are.
The property takes ages to be listed
Let’s face it, nobody wants to sit around waiting for weeks for your property to be listed. This does not need to be a slow, drawn out process.
Sit around waiting for enquiries
Traditional Estate Agents may wait around for buyers to make contact or pop into the branch. Your sale depends on any potential buyers getting in touch.
Reduce the asking price
Generally speaking, reducing the asking price is the first thing you are told if the property is not getting any interest. This is a lazy way of doing things, and is another way of saying ‘we were wrong about the value’.
The better way
Proactive approach
We discuss with you your requirements for price and timescales and set out a pricing strategy that meets those requirements. This is done within minutes of you contacting us.
24 hours later
In less than 24 hours we will either make you a formal cash offer or agree a fixed sum that we will offer it to our panel of cash investors for. The speed of which you need completion will determine the best approach.
Huge buyer network
If you don’t accept our cash offer then our team will proactively match your property against our extensive database of cash buyers, professional investors and pre-approved buyers to find a matching buyer within the quickest timescale.
We set your price right from day 1
We don’t want to give you an unachievable price. We would rather be open and honest from the start and set a realistic price to get your property sold without delay. That’s why we are an awarding winning agency.
We’re ready

Sell your unsellable house with Bettermove

We’re ready

Sell your unsellable house with Bettermove

We have been helping customers with unsellable properties for many years. We know that trying to sell via a high street estate agent rarely works with these types of properties, which is why we offer the alternative to sell your house fast for cash.

From properties in undesirable locations to homes with structural issues, we have helped homeowners sell in a way that suits them. Whether you choose to sell directly to us or opt for our 30-day commitment whilst we find you a buyer in our network, the result will always be a cash sale on your terms.

If you want to sell your unsellable house to a cash buyer that puts you first every step of the way, contact us to start the process. We’ll be in touch to collect all the information we need and will provide you with a no-obligation cash offer. Take the stress out of selling your property with Bettermove.

Why choose us?

We do things differently

Discover the advantages of an unsellable house sale with Bettermove.
If you want to sell your unsellable property a cash buyer like Bettermove is a great solution. We can complete on the sale within 30 days, expediting the process in as little as 7 if required. We are completely flexible to your needs.
Our process means you avoid the challenges of a traditional sale. Ourselves, or one of our pre-approved cash buyers, will buy your unsellable property directly from you for cash. This ensures a stress-free sale.
If you’ve only ever bought and sold property via a traditional estate agent our process may seem daunting. You’re in safe hands, we are regulated by The Property Ombudsman and are also proud members of the NAPB (National Association of Property Buyers).
Zero fees
Selling your property to us is completely free. There are no hidden costs, and we don’t take any commission from your sale. Whether we buy your property ourselves, or one of our pre-approved cash buyers snaps it up, we’ll pay your legal fees too.
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Got questions?

Unsellable house sale FAQs

Don’t let challenges stand in the way of selling your house. Contact Bettermove today to learn more about how we can help you sell your unsellable property quickly and hassle-free. Alternatively, below are some of our most frequently asked questions.
What is considered an “unsellable” house?
An unsellable house typically refers to a property facing significant challenges that make it difficult to attract buyers or close a sale. These challenges may include extensive repairs, undesirable location, legal issues, or unique features that limit market appeal.
Dealing with legal or title issues can be challenging, but Bettermove has experience navigating such issues. We’ll work with you to address these problems and ensure a smooth and legally compliant sale process.
Bettermove will only ever ask for a 30-day commitment. During this time we will market your property to our network of pre-approved cash buyers. Alternatively, if you’d prefer a faster sale, we can purchase your property from you in as little as 7 days.
Absolutely. Bettermove is committed to providing fair and competitive offers for all types of properties, including those deemed unsellable. Our team will conduct a thorough evaluation of your property and present you with a fair cash offer.
No, there are no upfront fees or hidden commissions when you sell your house with Bettermove. Our service is designed to be transparent and hassle-free, ensuring that you receive the full value of your property sale.
With years of experience in the property industry and a track record of successfully selling challenging properties, Bettermove is a trusted partner you can rely on. We’ll guide you through every step of the selling process with professionalism and integrity.
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