Buy and sell homes safely during COVID pandemic

Nov 4, 2020 | News | 0 comments

Now that a second national lockdown has come into place, we would like to make sure everyone is safe when buying or selling a home with Bettermove.

The Housing Secretary has confirmed that estate agents in England can continue to operate as normal albeit under existing Covid guidelines, and people can continue to attend viewings, as well as allow access for surveyors, removals and tradespeople. 

Bettermove are taking the following steps to ensure your wellbeing and safety. 

Virtual services

Our virtual services (valuations and viewings) are available for all clients regardless of where you live. You can choose virtual services if you prefer not to allow in house viewings.

Personal hygiene

All customers must wear gloves and face masks when visiting a property and hand sanitizer must be used before and after. Our Agents will do the same if the viewing is being accompanied. 

We always send the seller and buyer an email or text reminder of the safety precautions prior to the appointment.

Viewings and valuations

  1. Vulnerable customers:  Customers that fall under the vulnerable group should make their account manager aware so that we can offer virtual viewings instead.
  2. Minimise contact: We insist that only the buyer or seller is present at a viewing or valuation. If possible, we would prefer to conduct viewings and valuations without the vendor present.
  3. Distance: When meeting with a customer please stand at a 2m distance and refrain from shaking hands.


At the property

    1. Duration:  Viewing times should be kept as short as possible to minimise risk.
    2. Air flow: We politely request that all windows and doors are opened in advance of the valuation or viewing where possible.
    3. Cleaning:  Handles should be thoroughly cleaned before and after viewings and valuations.
    4. Documentation: As we are a digital business, no paper documentation needs to be transferred between our customers as it can all be managed electronically.
    5. Post viewing:  Clean down surfaces after each viewing.


Sellers conducting their own property viewings should also follow the above recommendations.

Our agents and head office staff are fully briefed on our standards to ensure the safety of all our customers.  If you have any further queries about our service, please call 0330 004 0050 or email You can also read the government’s national guidance for people who are buying or selling their home here.

 Thank you for your support from TEAM BETTERMOVE

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