10 Wacky Swimming Pools

May 31, 2018 | Top 10s

It’s weather like this that we all wish we had a swimming pool in our back garden, or some cases on our roof! Some people have all the luck, but some people even take it to the extreme, because a square pool just doesn’t cut it!

Have a look at some of these wacky swimming pools, and remember at BetterMove we have houses listed with pools for sale – go on, take the plunge.


Wet Foot Prints!

A foot print shaped swimming pool. Actually it’s six pools in one! Swimming in this pool isn’t measured in lengths, more feet.

Stradivarius Violin

This may be one of the most gorgeous pools you’ll ever see! It even includes LED lighting plus half a million translucent glass tiles, among several other extravagant details. It almost looks too perfect to swim in!

Inside Out

Imagine living inside your swimming pool. Well this is what these guys have done. Just don’t open any windows!

Les Pool!

Les Paul are regarded as one of the great guitar manufactures. We wonder if the owner of this pool is into music?

We Heart This Pool!

What a lovely pool. Nice and neat – we just love this pool!

Play It Again Sam

Chop Sticks springs to mind when we saw this pool. On another note…..no? Okay bad joke, but there’s a bar in this pool too. Bar… get it? Oh dear.

It’s A Dog’s Life

The owners of this pool must really love their dog. A unique bone shaped pool for a very lucky pooch!

Why Not?

Well what can we say about this pool, expect where are the towels!

Big Fish In  A Little Garden

A very interesting fish shaped pool. A cleverly placed water filter acts as the fish eye in this inspired pool.

Palette Pool

Perhaps the most creative pool in our collection. A paint palette pool complete with giant paint brush.



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