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Why bettermove?

Why sell with bettermove?

Here at Bettermove we do things differently to a traditional Estate Agent. Most people value 3 things when selling their property; speed, value, and convenience. If you want to sell your property quickly with no fees whatsoever and absolutely no stress or hassle, then you have come to the right place.  

We are so confident we can sell your home within 30 days, that we will never ask you to enter into an agreement longer than a month. 

the better choice

Why choose us?


We don’t believe in over valuing your home in order to gain instructions; therefore, we set a realistic price from the start to get you a faster sale in under 30 days.


Our aim is to make selling your home easy, straightforward, and convenient. We've streamlined the traditionally slow and complicated Estate Agency process to make the entire experience stress free and simple.


We agree a fixed sum and timescales with you on day 1. We only ask you to commit to us for 30 days, that’s it! We will never tie you into a long-term agreement.

Zero fees

We don’t charge any fees, and there are no hidden costs. Even when we sell your home there will be no fees or commission to pay. We will also cover your Solicitors fees when you sell*

What does it mean for me?

Compare the costs

The old way

Initial marketing price £199,950
Price after reduction £189,950
True market value £180,000
Sale price £175,000
Estate Agents fees (2%) £3,300
Legal fees £1,400
Length on market 6 months

Your sale proceeds


The better way

Initial marketing price £175,000
Sale price £175,000
Estate Agents fees £0
Legal fees £0
Length on market 30 days

Your sale proceeds


Additional money made using Bettermove = £4,700
Time saved using Bettermove = 5 months

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How do we do it?

We are not a traditional estate agent who would charge a fixed percentage commission. Instead think of us as a property broker - a middleman who matches up a willing seller to a willing buyer, like a match maker.

We agree a figure at the beginning that you would be happy to walk away with. We encourage this figure to be positioned realistically to ensure a sale in 30 days or less. Once we find a buyer, any amount we negotiate above the agreed sum is our profit margin. We even pay your legal fees from the excess sum, meaning that the vendor has no expenses at all.

It is a totally transparent process and allows all parties to be on the same page from the get-go. If you want to learn more about how our model works, we’ve written a blog post about it.

Make your move better

How we compare

The old way


Estate Agent visits your home

You enquire with several different Estate Agents and wait days or weeks for them to show. The agent is more focused on winning your business from a competitor agent than what your actual needs are.


The property takes ages to be listed

Let's face it, nobody wants to sit around waiting for weeks for your property to be listed. This does not need to be a slow, drawn out process. 


Sit around waiting for enquiries

Traditional Estate Agents may wait around for buyers to make contact or pop into the branch. Your sale depends on any potential buyers getting in touch.


Reduce the asking price

Generally speaking, reducing the asking price is the first thing you are told if the property is not getting any interest. This is a lazy way of doing things, and is another way of saying ‘we were wrong about the value’

The better way


Proactive approach

We discuss with you your requirements for price and timescales and set out a pricing strategy that meets those requirements. This is done immediately to allow us to get the property marketed without delay.


24 hours to start marketing

We have the latest technology to ensure that we will have your property marketed within 24 hours from you becoming a client. 


Matching to our huge buyer network

Our team will proactively match your property against our extensive database of cash buyers, professional investors and pre-approved buyers to find a matching buyer within the quickest timescale.


We set your price right from day 1

We don’t want to give you an unachievable price to then simply reduce it in a month when it hasn’t sold. We would rather be open and honest from the start and set a realistic price to get your property sold without delay.

What next?

The next steps

If you want to sell your home quickly and without all the hassle and stress involved using the more traditional methods, then get in touch today. We have expert negotiators available to identify your needs and specific requirements and to discuss the property in further details. We have access to the latest technology which will allow us to give you an accurate market valuation of your property without you lifting a finger.

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