Ranked Number 1 - Oh Yes!

Ranked Number 1 - Oh Yes!
We’ve got news that we just can’t keep quiet! We are so proud of it too!

Ooops we were wrong – our stats are better than we thought. In the previous version of this blog we stated that we were number 1 quickest from new instruction to sold last year, well in actual fact we weren’t, we were ranked number 11th. It’s this year that we are the quickest, placed number 1 in the country for fastest time from instruction to sold, according to TwentyEA Targeted Property Insight.

Yes, that’s number 1 in the country, and number 1 out of all the so called big boys too!

We think that’s fantastic news and really does go to show how hard we work at BetterMove to get your house sold.

There’s much more to selling houses than TV ad campaigns and sports team sponsorship, that’s why we work very hard to get the little things right, which in turn makes our processes so much more smoother for you, the customer.

We really do concentrate on selling your house (hence our statistical oversight!!), and that is why we are delighted that our hard work has paid off! After all, that’s why our customers come to us, to get their homes sold.

According to TwentyEA, this year’s Estate agent performance figures show that BetterMove topped the list for getting your house sold faster than any other agent so far in 2019.

Our track record speaks for its self and the stats back it up. So if you want to be sold and on a pay monthly basis, you really can’t do any better than listing with BetterMove.