Super Garage Conversion Ideas

Super Garage Conversion Ideas

BetterMove asks the question – who actually parks their cars in their garages anymore? Come on, they are usually filled up with stuff you bought and and now have no use for, or the kids bikes that they have now out grown or more often than not full of boxes stuffed with things you just can’t bring yourself to throw away but never use any more, or are likely to either!

So why not clear away that old junk and add some value to your house by converting your garage into a living space. Take a look at some of these ideas and get creative, we think they are brilliant!

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Comfortable Converted Garage

Transform your unused garage into a comfortable and functional living space by switching out the garage door for a sliding door. Or if you want to be able to use the garage for its intended use in the future, you can keep the door as it is and lock it normally. Opening up the garage door when the weather is nice will allow you to bring in the fresh air and natural light to your living space.

We love the simplicity of this renovation, as the homeowners have draped fabric on the walls and added a rug to make the room feel like a living room. The materials add softness to the room that can be easily removed if you want to store your car in the garage again. The side table serving as a bar cart makes this room the perfect space for summer parties with your family and friends.

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Open Floor Plan Conversion

This full renovation is perfect if your garage extends off the back of your home. You can demolish the wall between your garage and the rest of your home to create an open floor plan that is perfect for entertaining. These homeowners used the extra space to build a larger kitchen and living room fit for a large family. The natural light coming in from through the windows adds dimension and brightness to the room that would otherwise be missing.

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Family-Friendly Lounge Conversion

If your house is feeling a bit cramped and you want to add a lounge room for the kids, why not convert your detached garage into a family-friendly space like this? This beautiful lounge features painted concrete flooring and striped shiplap cladding on the walls. The room offers ample lighting and a glass garage door that lets light in even when it’s closed.

Along the side of the photo, you can see a hint of bar stools that are sitting at a kitchenette’s bar area. This room is perfect for families looking for a bit of extra space without adding an addition to their home. It is also an ideal lounge room for parties with family and friends.

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Sunken Living Space

Many garages have lower ceilings that can make them feel small or dingy. Instead of letting your garage sit empty and unused, why not expand it vertically? A professional can lower the flooring of your garage to add height to the room without having to build a whole new structure. Just make sure that no one tries to step through the front window!

This living space features lots of natural light coming from the windows surrounding the room. The dark hardwood flooring contrasts against the white walls and light furniture perfectly. And we can see a bit of a kitchenette in the photo, increasing the room’s functionality. If you want to turn this space into a fully functional guest suite, you could use a futon instead of a regular couch in the lounge area. Then you would have extra space for your out of town guests and even rent it out to travellers on Airbnb.

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Art Studio Conversion

Would you like to pursue your love of art but find yourself lacking the space you need? You can transform your unused garage into an art studio and make your dream a reality. This converted garage features simple wood flooring, white walls, and wooden beams on the ceiling. The best part of this conversion is the skylights in the ceiling, bringing in plenty of natural light, which is essential for an artist.

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Small Converted Garage Bedroom

If you need an extra bedroom or guest room in your home, don’t start by researching an extension! Instead, look to the existing spaces in your home that you don’t use. We suggest looking at your garage and your loft. This converted garage bedroom would be perfect for any member of your family or a guest that you’re hosting.


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Kids Playroom Garage Conversion

If you’re lucky enough to have a double garage, the next few garage conversion ideas are for you. This converted garage is now a playroom for kids, outfitted with chalkboard on the walls and plenty of toys. We especially love the chalkboard panels, as it will prevent your kids from scribbling on the walls with their markers.

To increase the functionality even more, why not paint an entire wall with chalkboard paint? Or, given their height, paint below a chair rail. We’re sure your kids will love having that kind of freedom.

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Turn Your Garage into a Home Office

If you find yourself working at home on a regular basis, you might get tired of working at the kitchen table. Instead of having a makeshift office in your home while your garage sits empty, you can convert your garage into a home office. This home office features simple furnishings and lots of natural light. You can add a futon or murphy bed to turn the garage into a double-purpose guest room, too!

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Converted Garage Guest Suite

This is one of our favourite garage conversion ideas, as it is a full guest suite with a bathroom and kitchenette. Your guests will feel right at home in this converted garage, whether they are family, friends, or renters. You can recreate the look of this garage by planting a tree between the doors and allowing it to grow up to the trellis above the doors.

We love the cement planters along the side of the garage that really define the suite as its own area. The lighting in the room comes from windows along the wall and the huge garage doors that open up to let fresh air in. By installing a loft as a bedroom, you can use the space underneath as storage.