Bake Off Inspired Top 10 Kitchen Trends

Aug 29, 2018 | Top 10s

The Great British Bake Off hit out screens last night with another installment of soggy bottoms and burnt pastries, mixed in with some great baking and cake making.
If the show hasn’t encouraged you to get in the kitchen and bake then we hope these top 10 new kitchen trends will!
Have a look at what’s hot in the kitchen this year with these latest must have kitchen design ideas, and remember if you sell your house with BetterMove we charge no commission! So you can pass on the saving to a kitchen upgrade in your new property.


Hide and seek storage

With the rise of open-plan living, kitchen companies like Scavolini have witnessed a shift towards hidden storage. ‘The Switchunit is an excellent case in point,’ says Vittorio Naldi, the company’s UK branch manager. ‘It features pocket doors that slide seamlessly out of sight when the kitchen is in use, but cover up its contents when guests come calling.

‘This exible system means the kitchen can be transformed from an efficient work space to a clutter-free living environment in moments.’


Broken-plan kitchens

Open-plan kitchens have revolutionised the way we cook and entertain, but they do have their niggles. For a start, where do you hide all the dirty pots and pans from dinner guests? So if you’re after a little more privacy, broken plan might be for you.

The concept is simple – take an open-plan design but add in a freestanding shelf unit or raised breakfast bar to create separation without the need for a full-on wall.

‘This more zoned approach is an evolution of open-planned living and allows for a more sociable experience for everyone,’ says Daniele Brutto, co-founder of Hub Kitchens.


Unicorn-inspired kitchens

No, you really did read that right. Unicorn-themed homeware flew off the shelves in 2017, but now these winged creatures are inspiring our fantasy kitchens.

Don’t worry – we’re not talking full-on multicolour madness like something out of a six-year-old’s colouring book (as fun as that would be). Instead, the look takes smart white gloss units and pairs them with gentle tones of pale pink and blue, with gold accents and a bit of glitter thrown in.

‘The hugely popular Unicorn craze is cantering into kitchens,’ says Mike Lavers, market manager for kitchens at B&Q. ‘Brits are embracing the theme and turning to glitter wall paint, gloss tiling and accessories like coloured glass tea lights to add extra sparkle.’


Two-tone cabinets

While white is still the overwhelming favourite shade of cabinetry, colour is creeping back into our kitchens. Blue and grey units are gaining momentum, especially in a combination of two shades of the same colour – for example, light blue for wall cupboards and dark blue for base units.

Then there’s the option to be a little bit daring, and add a section of bright cupboards amongst neutral units and worktops. Or you could choose two different worktops – perhaps wood on an island and a white composite material elsewhere.


A hint of Morocco

Feel like you’re on holiday all year around with a kitchen inspired by warmer climes. Pinterest data reveals that there has been a 128% rise in searches and saves for Moroccan-inspired décor, with ‘Moroccan tiles’ (+71%) and ‘Moroccan splashbacks’ (+66%) really gaining momentum.

Mike Lavers agrees. ‘We predict that striking mosaic wallpaper and feature floor tiles will be hugely popular in 2018, along with other light Moroccan touches such as chunky wooden worktops, gold lanterns and pendant lighting.’


Statement patterns

A new way to add pattern – and your own unique stamp – on your kitchen, is to choose an intricate door design. Magnet’s Chevron Grey cabinetry shown, is available with a distinctive grooved door. Use it everywhere for a dramatic statement, or more sparingly on an island or dresser-style area.

If these patterned doors are too big a leap into the design unknown, you could choose a ‘safer’ route, such as adding herringbone patterned tiles, or a bold feature wallpaper.


Matching living room furniture

Given how suited they are to families and entertaining, it’s safe to say that kitchen-cum-living spaces designs aren’t going anywhere. Even if they might be a little more ‘broken plan’ than ‘open plan’! And to help us create more coherent schemes, kitchen designers are now offering an increased range of furniture that covers off more than cooking. A sideboard might be useful for storing dinnerware or glasses. Or how about a TV stand for post-dinner movie nights?


‘An eco look’

Picking a kitchen used to be all about settling on the right colour and style. But there’s more to it that than these days, as more and more of us start taking the environment into account. Pinterest reports that searches and saves for ‘eco kitchens’ have risen by 164%, those for organic materials’ have gone up by 139% and ‘Plywood’ has seen a 139% increase.

Layered plywood cabinetry can look great in a traditional or modern setting thanks to its pale unassuming finish, and we expect it to be big in 2018. Also expect to see cork flooring, concrete tiles, walnut worktops and bamboo lighting in more kitchens up and down the country.


Going for gold… and copper

Who says kitchens can’t be glamorous? Not us, which is why we expect to see more shimmering metallics this year. Gold and copper will be the stand-out surfaces, giving a luxurious finish to handles, wall tiles, statement lighting, small appliances and even plug sockets. Oh, and gold taps are back, too.


Water and wine

The kettle’s days are numbered, with Pinterest telling us that searches and saves for ‘hot water taps’ are up 135%. It helps that these time-savers are getting more and more affordable – and are becoming more practical to install.

It’s a similar story with wine coolers. Once considered a luxury appliance, you can now pick up a decent model for under £250. Also, slimline models are much easier to squeeze in, tempting more of us to buy a dedicated space to chill our Sauvignon Blanc.


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