A Bump In The Night Will Bump Down The Value!

A Bump In The Night Will Bump Down The Value!
Things that go bump in the night could bump down the value of your property!

Whether or not you believe in ghosts or you’ve had a paranormal experience, admitting that you think your house is haunted or you have had an investigation into ghostly activity at your home, could considerably drop the value of your house.

A study conducted in Britain into apparent haunted homes found that the property value dropped by 17% compared to other properties in the area.

Dr Geoff Ellis said the report suggested that owning a haunted house knocks almost £40,000 off the average UK property price when it came to selling.

There could be even more houses affected, with a separate survey of 2,000 UK residents found that one in four believe their home is haunted.

With 55% of people stating they would be put off buying a supposed haunted house it makes sense to think twice about whether you’re a believer or not!

The study was commissioned by TV channel Really for their new show Help! My House Is Haunted with Barri Ghai. Paranormal investigator Barri Ghai said ‘As an avid ghost-hunter and paranormal enthusiast, I’ve seen the damage having a paranormal inhabitant can do to your house value – it has even been known to make some houses unsellable.’

Spooky stuff!

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