What's Difference

Traditional Estate Agents versus BetterMove?

What Makes Us Better

You’ve all heard the spurious claims from companies who promise that they offer the lowest estate agents fees, only to find that hidden costs suddenly appear from nowhere, commission takes a hike and you feel like telling your ‘property professional’ to get on their bike – but our online estate agents are different. No, don’t pull that face! It’s true!

We’ve done the maths, waved our magic wands and worked out a fantastic new system to ensure that our online estate agents can beat those tyrannical types that have made our industry the butt of all jokes. While most property professionals want to do a good job, there are a few that cast doubt on the sector as a whole.

So how do we stack up against the less-than-best of the rest? Let’s take a look…

The lowest estate agent fees and much more besides

Our online estate agents have LOADS of advantages over our competitors –
here’s a quick comparison: